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State Inspector General

Lucas M. Miller

Governor Tom Wolf appointed Lucas M. Miller as State Inspector General on July 18, 2020. Miller was appointed as the Acting State Inspector General on January 2, 2020. Previous to that he served as the Deputy State Inspector General, where he oversaw the office's daily operations and its transition to the law enforcement agency it now is.

Miller earned his comprehensive knowledge of the Office of State Inspector General (OSIG) through twenty years of experience with the office, beginning his career with OSIG soon after college. Miller has held numerous positions within the Office, working his way up after starting as a Claims Investigation Agent in the Central Region Office of the Bureau of Fraud Prevention and Prosecution (BFPP). In that role, he developed hands-on experience conducting investigations and interviewing witnesses and suspects to build cases against those who defrauded the welfare system. He also learned the value of treating every person with respect.

He was then promoted to the role of Welfare Fraud Investigator Supervisor, where he trained and worked with OSIG investigators and agents to further their investigations. In this role, he gained a greater appreciation for the need to safeguard our welfare system from those who would defraud it. Also, he realized the important role the OSIG has in ensuring those who are truly entitled to benefits receive them. A benefits system must be built on integrity, and OSIG is designed to maintain that integrity. He also was part of the leadership team that developed OSIG's Avoidance and Recovery System, a completely new, OSIG-built, electronic case management system.

Upon his promotion to the role of Operations Manager for the Central Region Office, BFPP, Miller began to turn his attention toward what has become a career-long focus: increasing government efficiency through streamlining processes. He led a team through a detailed process review of the Long-Term Care Program, working with staff to codify existing and institute new procedures that would more efficiently implement the program.

Miller soon became a bureau director, where he led the consolidation of two separate bureaus into the Bureau of Administration, Policy, and Training, saving taxpayer money and creating more effective business processes. In this role, he was responsible for the overall administration of the agency, along with extensive policy, program, and regulatory review. He also initiated a complete overhaul of the State Claim Management Plan, which detailed the OSIG's and Department of Human Service's (DHS) interface with the federal government on federal benefit programs.

Miller then returned to BFPP where he brought his experience from administering the OSIG's core functions. As the bureau's director, he instituted regular meetings between the OSIG and his counterpart at OSIG's largest client, DHS. These meetings fostered new and innovative coordination between the agencies, leading to the creation of the Electronic Referral System. Under Miller's direction, OSIG and DHS developed and implemented this system that removed wasteful processes, eliminated all paper, allowed for instantaneous referrals, optimized travel to DHS County Assistance Offices, and greatly limited costly physical file storage. This was possible through a mobility initiative which gave all OSIG investigative staff tablet devices so they could access OSIG and DHS systems anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Miller has spent his career working to make state government function better, and he continued that work in his role as the Deputy State Inspector General. He met regularly with the Executive Deputy Secretary at DHS, and he continued to push for the elimination of paper in favor of electronic records.  Subsequent to enacting legislation, Miller led the OSIG's executive staff in developing a new OSIG training program, working with the Harrisburg Area Community College.  This new training program eventually led to what is now the Commonwealth Investigator Training Program. The OSIG's success in improving government operations and investigative processes have not gone unnoticed nationally, and Miller has presented at conferences across the United States.

Miller is a Certified Inspector General by the Association of Inspectors General and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute.