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Deputy State Inspector General of Law Enforcement Oversight

Sha S. Brown

Sha S. Brown joined the OSIG as the Deputy Inspector General for Law Enforcement Oversight on October 26, 2020. In addition to his role with the OSIG, Brown has a critical role in the development of the Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Citizen's Advisory Commission and will serve as the Chairman of this Commission.

Brown is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and the son of two Maryland State Troopers. After graduating from the Maryland State Police Academy in 1995, Brown led a decorated career as a Maryland State Trooper for the next 22 years. He has been awarded multiple commendations from the Governor's Office, the House of Delegates, and the Senate of Maryland for exemplary service to the citizens of Maryland. Brown was twice awarded  the Maryland State Police's Trooper of the Year award, and received numerous awards from other community and civic groups.

His work as a Trooper in investigation, training, policy, and public affairs is extensive. Just as notable is his work in the community, where he created the Maryland State Police Explorer Academy, designed to provide career development training for teenagers and build positive community interactions with the police.

Brown's extensive investigative experience includes conducting major crimes investigations, criminal misconduct, and financial crimes investigations. Brown concluded his Maryland State Police career by working 9 years in the Attorney General's Office as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a state-wide division focused on public corruption investigations, including misconduct of elected officials, police officers, executives, and other government employees.

After his retirement from the State Police, Brown joined the Maryland Department of Health as Assistant Inspector General and Chief Compliance Officer. In this role, he was tasked with investigations of employee misconduct for Maryland's largest state agency, where he also made extensive policy recommendations to the Secretary of Health. Most recently, he was appointed as Maryland's Special Safety and Compliance Officer, responsible for managing the Governor's Coronavirus mandates within Congregate Care Facilities. Brown has earned Department-wide recognition for his outstanding customer service.

Brown lives in York, Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons.