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Education & Outreach

As part of its mission to maintain integrity, accountability, and public confidence in Pennsylvania government, the OSIG conducts an ongoing and multi-faceted Outreach Program.
The program consists of two primary components: educational presentations to Commonwealth employees in agencies within the OSIG's jurisdiction; and presentations to community and service organizations and the general public.
These educational presentations are designed to inform Commonwealth employees and the general public about how to recognize and report fraud, waste, and abuse in state government. In addition, the OSIG seeks to provide Commonwealth employees with strategies for adhering to ethical standards in their own conduct.
In support of these presentations, and as a means of reaching a wider audience of state employees and members of the public, the OSIG distributes a variety of informational materials that explain the OSIG's role and how to file a complaint of wrongdoing.

To contact the OIG regarding its education and outreach program, call 717-787-6835.