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About Us

The Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General was created in 1987 by Executive Order 1987-7 to protect the interests of the Commonwealth and its citizens. The Office of Inspector General’s mission is to prevent, investigate, and eradicate fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct in the programs, operations, and contracting of executive agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction. The Inspector General is a cabinet-level official who is appointed by, and reports to, the Governor. Additionally, since 1994, the Office of Inspector General has been investigating welfare fraud and conducting collection activities for public assistance programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. 

You can help by reporting suspected fraud, waste, misconduct, or abuse of government programs, operations, or contracts. 

To report welfare fraud, call 800-932-0582

To report misconduct by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employees, call 877-888-7927

For general inquiries, please call 717-787-6835

The staff at the Office of Inspector General proudly aspires to ensure that taxpayer monies are being spent appropriately and that the government is operating efficiently. To effectively perform its mission, the Office of Inspector General is comprised of four bureaus who work tirelessly to serve the public.