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Bureau of Fraud Prevention and Prosecution

The Bureau of Fraud Prevention and Prosecution (BFPP) is responsible for conducting investigations into suspected welfare fraud and abuse as well as performing collection activities for public assistance programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS).

BFPP takes a three-pronged approach in its fight against public benefits fraud:

  • Fraud Prevention concentrates on ensuring that those who are ineligible for public assistance benefits are prevented from collecting benefits at the application stage, saving taxpayer monies.
  • Fraud Prosecution focuses on individuals who wrongfully obtain benefits by ensuring that they are held accountable for their unlawful acts. BFPP will take the appropriate criminal or civil actions against individuals who unlawfully secure or attempt to secure public assistance at the expense of those who are deserving of benefits.
  • Collection Activities ensure that overpaid public assistance benefits are recovered in a timely and cost-effective manner.
BFPP is staffed of Welfare Fraud Investigators, Claims Investigation Agents, and support personnel who handle fraud prevention activities and fraud prosecutions and recoveries. BFPP's five regional offices and headquarters work in partnership with DPW to ensure that public assistance is distributed fairly and equitably.

BFPP also relies on tips from citizens. Individuals with information on suspected welfare fraud may report it to BFPP by calling the Welfare Fraud Tipline (1-800-932-0582). Suspected welfare fraud may also be reported electronically through the online Complaint Form or through written correspondence.