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Bureau of Information Systems

The Bureau of Information Systems (BIS) is responsible for the Office of Inspector General’s information technology (IT) needs. BIS has charge of planning, designing, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining the hardware and software required by the Office of Inspector General to carry out its mission. Additionally, BIS is accountable for asset management, helpdesk support, and intranet application design as well as IT-related disaster recovery planning and testing.

A team of dedicated IT professionals compose BIS’s two divisions: Applications Development and Support and Information Technology Services.

  • Applications Development and Support designs, develops, implements, and maintains the Office of Inspector General's Intranet website and agency Intranet applications. This division designs and maintains databases used for these applications and creates and maintains data backup procedures. This division is also responsible for the Office of Inspector General’s public website and web applications.

  • Information Technology Services handles all aspects of hardware and software planning, acquisition, installation, and maintenance for the network infrastructure, personal computing devices, and agency IT equipment. This division also evaluates and recommends hardware and software solutions and configures, installs, and maintains all agency IT equipment, including servers, storage devices, personal computers, printers, and scanners. The technical staff provides hardware and software support for agency equipment, operates the OIG Help Desk, and maintains the Office of Inspector General’s asset management records.