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Report Fraud or Misconduct

You can help!

OSIG needs your help in its efforts to stop fraud and misconduct in Pennsylvania state government. Read below to learn more about the types of fraud and misconduct and what you can do to help your state government work better.

Public Benefits Fraud

Recipient Fraud: Do you know someone who shouldn't be receiving benefits but is? 

The Office of State Inspector General is strongly committed to identifying and eliminating fraud in public assistance programs, such as cash assistance, food stamps, child care, home energy assistance, and medical assistance.

Business Fraud: Do you know of a business or corner store that's buying benefits from people in exchange for cash or drugs?

The Office of State Inspector General is strongly committed to identifying and eliminating fraud committed by a business, vendor, or provider. For example a retail food outlet may allow individuals to sell their food stamp benefits in exchange for cash.

General Government Misconduct

Government Misconduct: Do you have information on fraud, waste, abuse, or misconduct within Pennsylvania Commonwealth government or contracts?

The Office of State Inspector General works to maintain public confidence in government by combating fraud, waste, misconduct, and abuse in commonwealth programs, operations, and contracts under the Governor’s jurisdiction. Complaints can be made against a person, a commonwealth agency, or a commonwealth contractor regarding an issue with the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Whistleblower Protections

Are you concerned about making a report about government misconduct?

Pennsylvania's 'Whistleblower' Law protects state and local government employees, and employees of other publicly funded groups, from retaliation resulting from good faith reports, including to OSIG, of waste, fraud, and abuse. See, 43 P.S. 1421-1428.

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