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The Office of State Inspector General (OSIG) publishes annual reports and investigative report summaries to keep the citizens of the Commonwealth informed of the agency’s progress fighting fraud, waste and abuse in government programs and public assistance programs administered by the Department of Human Services.

The OSIG is a statutorily created, investigative agency whose mission is to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct in programs, personnel and operations within Commonwealth executive agencies, in an effort to promote economy, efficiency and integrity.  Given the nature of its mission, OSIG investigative reports often contain information that is confidential, and/or personal or sensitive in nature.  Since the date of its creation by Executive Order 1987-7 on April 6, 1987, reports resulting from (then OIG) investigations were only made available to the Governor’s Office and the respective affected agency heads.  The OSIG recognizes and respects the right of the public to have access to certain information.  To this end, moving forward, consistent with the statutory allowance for the issuance of reports under Act 29, the priority of the OSIG is to release reports to the public, except to the extent that such reports (or portions thereof), are privileged, protected, or otherwise prohibited or exempt from public disclosure by law, regulation or judicial order.