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OSIG Policies and Procedures

The Pennsylvania Office of State Inspector General (OSIG) maintains Policies and Procedures to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Office. Policies and Procedures are reviewed on an on-going basis and may be revised at any time. Every effort is made to update this page with the most current versions of each document.

Child Abuse Reporting Policy.pdf
48 KB
CITP Policy.pdf
34 KB
Conflicts of Interest Policy.pdf
60 KB
Media and Legislative Policy.pdf
44 KB
Oath of Office Policy - 2017.pdf
3023 KB
Radio Policy.pdf
50 KB
Subpoenas Policy.pdf
38 KB
Use of Credentials Policy - 2017.pdf
3044 KB
Search Warrants Policy.pdf
44 KB
Supplementary Employment Policy.pdf
52 KB
Evidence and Chain of Custody Policy.pdf
51 KB
Investigative Notes Policy.pdf
40 KB
Personal Use of Social Media Policy.pdf
56 KB
Dress Code Policy.pdf
35 KB
Equipment Inventory Policy.pdf
40 KB
Crime Victims Act.pdf
40 KB
Discrimination Policy.pdf
34 KB
Professional Duties and Responsibilities Policy.pdf
37 KB
Reporting of Complaints Policy.pdf
47 KB
Retired LE Credentials Policy.pdf
42 KB
CLEAN-NCIC Policy.pdf
56 KB
JNET Policy.pdf
51 KB