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OIG-13-0272-I, OIG-13-0486-I, OIG-14-0188-I, OIG-14-0456-I, OIG-14-0457-I
Review of Commonwealth Employees Assigned Commonwealth Vehicles
General Investigation Report Summary
Approved for Public Release
            On a regular basis, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducts reviews of Commonwealth employees who are assigned Commonwealth vehicles maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS).  Through the reviews, the OIG determines: 1) if the drivers are currently properly licensed; and, 2) if the drivers have operated their assigned Commonwealth vehicle while being properly licensed during the entire review period.  For the purposes of these reports, the reviews covered the time period from 2010 to 2014 at OIG, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Department of Agriculture.  The review of the licensure status of OIG employees covered all the office's employees.  An updated review of OIG employees was also conducted in 2014, one year after the initial report was issued to the Inspector General in 2013
            OIG identified Commonwealth employees whose licenses had expired or were currently suspended.  OIG also identified employees who operated their Commonwealth vehicles while their driving privileges were suspended or revoked.  Also, though not detrimental to their driving privileges, OIG identified employees whose information as listed in the drivers' license databases searched by OIG did not match the information in the Commonwealth's employment files for the employees.
            Any relevant information discovered by OIG was referred to the appropriate agencies to assist them in identifying employees who may not have appropriate driving privileges or who should update information with their Commonwealth employer, drivers' licensing agency, or both.